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Actors and Envy

2 Feb

Last time we spoke to Nina Bright, she told us about the term “triple threat” – actors who also excel at singing and dancing, like those darling Glee kids (minus poor Finn).

Acting is tough enough, but the term “triple threat” being bandied about means the competitive element is baked right into the industry terminology. Not only is rejection an actor’s staple but a friend’s success will at some point coincide with your failure. We asked Nina how not to be taken over by the green-eyed monster…

Do you see other actors as a threat to you?

Th term triple threat is really representative of how the acting world thinks. The whole industry is like that. Everybody is a threat.

So how do you deal with it?

You have to be able to separate feeling jealous from feeling happy for someone’s success. Also you have to remember you’re different to other people, and if someone else gets a part it’s because they were looking for that person, and not you.  You have to accept its going to be like that. Not everyone is a Juliet, and if you’re not, don’t waste your time trying to be. If you get the part of the Nurse, then be fantastic as the Nurse.

Do you suffer from envy a lot?

Everyone gets jealous, you just have to let it get to you for a little while, then remember you and other people are different. Maybe you’re not suited to the RSC! But it’s ok to mourn for a bit.

What if you and your best friend auditioned for Juliet at the RSC and she got it?

That would be bad! I’d need a day in bed for that. But then I’d get over it and say “Bloody well done you. Now please invite me to all the cast parties!” The thing is, a lot of the people I know are talented, deserving people so when they do well I am genuinely delighted. If you know someone who isn’t so talented and not very nice and they do well, then everybody gets p***ed off!

Is it difficult when you find success and someone is jealous of you?

Yes. The actors who suffer the most with envy are easy to spot because they are the ones who are on Facebook all the time, constantly trying to find out what everybody else is up to. It’s annoying.

Is there more jealously than camaraderie or vice versa?

It’s fifty fifty to be honest. If you can’t handle it, acting is not for you.

Photo: freeflyer09 via a Creative Commons licence

Acting events in February

1 Feb

As we have FINALLY got through what feels like the longest month of the year, here’s a round-up of some useful acting-based events that you can go to in Feb.

Please let us know if we’ve missed anything or know of any other events that other actors would find useful.