Surviving Actors – a convention for actors

16 Jan

Surviving Actors, you may be surprised to learn, is not a programme to help people cope with having actors as friends.

Surviving Actors is a free convention on Saturday 21 January, (address below) that helps actors stay in the sometimes gruelling game.

“There are too many talented actors, so burdened with the panic of finding the money for rent, food and travel that a 9-5 job often takes over and before they know it, acting has taken a back seat.” Surviving Actors helps actors find well-paid inbetween jobs, and provides guidance and networking opportunities on the winding path to success.

Look at that helpful face.

Business development manager of Surviving Actors, Lianne Robertson, told In the Wings “We’ve almost got 2000 actors registered online for the event, so there will be a lot of opportunity to network with other actors on the day, spark ideas off each other, maybe give each other pointers on things like how to get an audition.”

“Actors at the convention will also meet agents as well. A big part of it is networking. One of our workshops is called ‘Meet the agent’, so you can get up close and personal with agents, ask questions, and get a feel for what it’s like meeting an agent before doing it professionally.”

There will also be several companies ready to offer flexible part time work to you resting thesps, to ensure not only that you get to eat and pay the rent, but that such non-artistic (though annoyingly essential) pursuits don’t pull you away from your real goal.

So basically, if you’re not there, you’re madder than King George.

Saturday 21 January

9am – 5pm

Savoy Place

Nearest station: Temple or Embankment

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